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R + D + I, Technology and Services

R + D + i

A major proportion of the added value we are able to provide arises from our constant investment in research and development. Our facilities include an ample and well-equipped space exclusively dedicated to the study, analysis and testing of the products we launch on the market. 

We have our own laboratory equipped with the most advanced technological means in the industry, making our commitment to innovation a secure value for our customers.

We believe in continuous imprevement

  • Climatic chamber from -40°C up to +110°C 
  • Temperature + vibration test 
  • Water projection chamber
  • Thermal Shock 
  • Salt fog test chamber 
  • Rain simulation chamber 
  • 3D measurement 
  • Product life cycle test
  • Anechoic chamber

Technology and services

The continuous technological advances taking the automotive market are closely monitored by Clarton Horn. To keep up, we have invested in software and cuttingedge media to turn every opportunity into a competitive advantage. 

And we have succeeded.

Our design tools

  • Catia 5 and Siemens NX  for the design of the bracket and the horn.
  • Finite element method for the optimisation of brackets, horn design and sound quality
  • Altium designer for electronic product hardware and software development
  • Altium designer for electronic product